*Panel 1 DALI address

*Current feed: 400 mA–1200 mA

*Electronic operating device with DALI interface or 1–10 V

*Allowed ambient temperature range –40 to +55 °C

*Various light distributions for large area, high bay or street lighting

*Lens made from PMMA

*Lamp housing in die-cast aluminum, cover in single-pane safety glass (ESG)

*Bracket made of hot-dip galvanized steel, holder made of aluminum

LedColour temperatureColour renderingNet luminous flux
60W3000KCRI >807800lm
80W3000KCRI >803900lm
100W3000KCRI >8010400lm
120W3000KCRI >8015600lm
140W3000KCRI >8018200lm
150W3000KCRI >8019500lm
180W3000KCRI >8021600lm
200W3000KCRI >8024000lm
250W3000KCRI >8029000lm
60W4000KCRI >707800lm
80W4000KCRI >703900lm
100W4000KCRI >7010400lm
120W4000KCRI >7015600lm
140W4000KCRI >7018200lm
150W4000KCRI >7019500lm
180W4000KCRI >7021600lm
200W4000KCRI >7024000lm
250W4000KCRI >7029000lm